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Vegan Recipes

Vegan Recipes is a collection of recipes ranging from breakfast to dessert. These recipes include dishes with dough, vegetables, fruit, and more.

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What Does It Mean To Be a Vegan Recipe?

For recipes to qualify for the Vegan category, they must not contain animal products or by-products. Furthermore, “any unprocessed plant food is vegan which includes fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and legumes,” according to A Guide to Vegan Ingredients.

Hypoallergenic Ingredients

Furthermore, all of these recipes are allergen friendly and include ingredients for those with gluten intolerance and egg allergies. Ingredients such as Unsweetened Applesauce and Flaxseed “Eggs” are substituted for eggs. Non-dairy milk such as Oat, Coconut, or Almond Milk is also used in lieu of dairy milk.

Sourdough Starter

Finally, Sourdough Starter is embedded within most doughs and fermented to reduce gluten. Furthermore, the longer you let the dough ferment (grow or rise), the more gluten will be reduced.

How to Share These Vegan Recipes

Whether you’re looking to feed friends and family with food allergies, eating specifically on the Vegan diet, or are interested in trying something new, these recipes are designed for you! Create, tweak, share, and create memories with the ones you love the most.

A Collection of Vegan Recipes