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Ramadan Recipes

Ramadan Recipes is a collection of recipes to celebrate the Muslim religious period of Ramadan. Within this collection, there are 20 recipes that can be recreated and shared with family and friends during the “Feast” to celebrate the period of praying, reading the Quran, and practicing introspection. Finally, these recipes are from various blog sites and are cited, so please if you share this collection, cite the original author(s).

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What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is a religious time during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. During this holy month, Muslims fast and abstain from food and water during sunlight hours. This is done every day for 30 days and typically begins and ends with the crescent moon.

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According to Britannica, during Ramadan, “‘The Night of Power,’ is celebrated on the last 10 nights as a ‘guidance to people.’ Furthermore, for Muslims, Ramadan is a period of introspection, communal prayer, and the reading of the Quran.”

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Ramadan serves as a time to practice self-restraint. Finally, the end of Ramadan is celebrated as Eid-al-Fitr, “The Feast of Fast-Breaking,” one of the two major holidays on the Muslim calendar.

In conclusion, the recipes included within this collection are to eat and celebrate this holiday and religious period with the ones you cherish the most.

A Collection of Ramadan Recipes

Lebanese Tabbouleh Salad

Lebanese Tabbouleh Salad is the perfect simple summer salad to keep your menu light and fresh. This is also a delicious dish to start off your Ramadan celebrations with friends and family.

Best Hummus

Are you looking for a simple and filling appetizer to kick off your Ramadan celebration? Then, look no further than this 7-ingredient Homemade Hummus recipe! Furthermore, it comes together in minutes, is super creamy, smooth, and fresh.


Labneh (which is also called Labnah or Labne,) is basically yogurt with lower moisture. Furthermore, this can be served as a dip, and you can also use it in place of cream cheese.

Israeli Couscous Chickpea Salad

Israeli Couscous Chickpea Salad is delicious, fresh, and tangy. In addition, it is loaded with fresh herbs and feta cheese. Furthermore, it’s the perfect salad to serve along with grilled chicken, seared salmon, or even shrimp. Finally, this is a tasty dish to kick off your Ramadan celebrations.

Artichoke Hummus

Are you looking for a twist on a classic Hummus? Check out this easy to make, Artichoke Hummus Recipe that is ideal for meal prep. Furthermore, it makes a nourishing spread or dip for snacking, lunch, or appetizer. Finally, this Hummus recipe is vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free.

Authentic Lebanese Falafel Recipe

Who loves a delicious and authentic Falafel recipe? This Lebanese Falafel Recipe is made with garbanzo beans or chickpeas, parsley, and cilantro making it a great nutritious, substitute for vegetarians and vegans. Furthermore, you can serve these mouth-watering falafels with salads, wraps, and sandwiches.

Sourdough Pita Bread

Soft, tender, and fluffy Sourdough Pita Bread is the perfect vehicle for all dips, spreads, salads, and main courses for your Ramadan festivities. Finally, this recipe is vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves

Vegetarian Stuffed Grape Leaves is a popular Middle Eastern recipe that’s made with short-grain rice and vegetables rolled in brined grape leaves. Although these are a labor of love, Grape Leaves are a tantalizing treat for your taste buds and any celebration!

Lebanese Kibbeh Balls

Lebanese Kibbeh Balls are made with a combination of lean ground beef, fine bulgur wheat, pureed onions, a mix of Middle Eastern spices, and basil. Then, Kibbeh is formed into a ball and stuffed with a mixture of spiced beef and toasted pine nuts. Finally, it is sealed and then fried or baked to perfection.

Zaatar Spring Rolls

Zaatar Spring Rolls are a modern version of Sambousek. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sambousek, it is a popular cheese-stuffed pastry that’s fried (almost like an empanada). Finally, this modern twist is a perfect appetizer to serve for your Ramadan celebrations.

Beef Shawarma Wrap

Beef Shawarma is a popular street food in the Middle East. In addition, the Beef Shawarma steak is marinated with an array of spices, stuffed in a pita or wrap, then topped with tahini sauce, and vegetables. Finally, it is one delicious mouthful of flavors and textures, and the perfect bite for Ramadan gatherings.

Lebanese Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Malfouf is a classic Lebanese dish consisting of cabbage rolls stuffed with a ground beef and rice mixture, and cooked in a lemony and garlic-y broth. Furthermore, this dish is another labor of love, and it will leave you and all guests satisfied.

Chicken Shawarma

Chicken Shawarma will knock your socks off! A handful of everyday spices makes an incredible Chicken Shawarma marinade that infuses the chicken with exotic Middle Eastern flavors. This is another perfect handheld main course for any gathering.

Okra Stew

Okra Stew is a delicious hearty stew made with garlic, cilantro, tomato sauce, beef, and fresh or frozen Okra. This recipe is super easy to make in one pot, has a ton of nutrition, and is comforting for any season.

Beef Kafta

Lebanese Style Beef Kafta is one of the BEST dishes for any season and specifically Ramadan! Furthermore, Beef Kafta is so flavorful, juicy, and easy to make, and a meal that is ready in under 30 minutes.

Lebanese Freekah with Chicken

Freekeh with Chicken is an easy weeknight meal that is delicious, hearty, and a healthy family dinner. Furthermore, this Lebanese dish is packed full of flavor, high in protein from the chicken, made with whole grain Freekeh, and perfect for serving a crowd.

Homemade Lebanese Kanafa

Kanafa is one of the most popular Lebanese and Middle Eastern recipes after Baklava. To make this delicious and easy dessert, you’ll need only a handful of ingredients including shredded dough, butter, cheese, and sugar drizzled with a Rose Water Simple Syrup. Finally, it’s a wonderful dessert to enjoy during the holidays or any special occasion.

Lebanese Rice Pudding

Lebanese Rice Pudding is a perfect balance of sweet and nutty flavors. Furthermore, the short-grain rice is cooked in milk until tender and creamy, then flavored with vanilla extract and Rose Water. Finally, Pistachios add a delicious crunchy texture and flavor to the pudding. Serve this dessert cold or warm for a special treat during Ramadan.

Namoura (Semolina Cake)

If you’re looking for an authentic and delicious Lebanese Cake, look no further than Namoura. This Semolina Cake is made with ghee, and almonds, and topped with a simple syrup that will make your taste buds sing! Finally, it is made with just a few ingredients and is perfect for any celebration.

Date-Sweetened Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oats

Date-Sweetened Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oats are the perfect overnight breakfast. Furthermore, these oats are full of fiber and nutrients. Finally, this is a healthy set-and-forget recipe that tastes wonderful and is easy to make in bulk for a crowd.