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The Backstory of Sourdough and More

Sourdough and More” is a food and lifestyle blog for anyone who is passionate about food. This blog houses a collection of creative food ideas that include all things baking and cooking. From homemade oven-baked goodies to weeknight meals, these recipes will become your go-to’s and keep you (and others) coming back for more.

Active Sourdough Starter, fresh ingredients, and allergy-friendly elements drive these recipes. Most, but not all of these recipes are hypoallergenic and specifically exclude eggs. As one who lives with food allergies, cooking, and baking was a love-hate relationship for a while. Once I discovered how to adapt the recipes I love to fit the needs of my own food sensitivities, I fell back in love with cooking and baking. It is the hope and desires that Sourdough and More will serve as a resource for all.

Sourdough Rye Bread

In addition, several recipes teach you how to incorporate your kids into the kitchen. Teaching children how to transform ingredients and engage in the creativity and art that are baking and cooking, will build memories that last forever.

Dive into each recipe, adapt it to fit the needs of your loved ones, and most of all, engage in the joy and excitement that baking and cooking bring!

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