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Duck Recipes

Have you just discovered Duck and are unsure what to make with it? The following post includes a collection of Duck Recipes.

Mallard Duck
Mallard Ducks

What is Duck?

What is Duck? According to Britannica, Duck is any species of relatively small, short-necked, long-billed waterfowl. “They are an important food source and provide important nutrients for health and growth,” according to Health and Social Services. Duck meat is an excellent source of protein, iron, source of B-vitamins, and a fair source of Magnesium.

brown white and blue duck
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Furthermore, Duck is a delicious, rich, and flavorful meat to consume. Check out the recipes below for ways to cook, serve, and enjoy Duck in various forms.

Where Can You Buy Duck Meat?

The recipes included in this blog post contain Duck which was personally processed by my husband. However, if you do not have a hunting family member or access to freshly processed Duck, there are options out there that sell delicious and rich-in-flavor Game Meats.

grilled meat with parsley toppings on top
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Duck can be found in specialty meat markets or meat processing markets. Some of the best meat markets I’ve personally ordered and bought from include the following –

Duck Recipes

In conclusion, Duck is nutritious, rich, and flavorful. Check out the collection of Duck Recipes below for ideas on how to prepare, cook, and serve Duck.

A Collection of Duck Recipes