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Top 5 Vendors for Sourdough Products

Are you looking for the Top 5 Vendors for Sourdough Products? Then, check out this information post regarding the top 5 companies we recommend for products used to make the best Sourdough products. Finally, this post includes company recommendations for baking ingredients, kitchen appliances, bakeware, kitchenware, and more.

Sourdough Dutch Oven Loaf in a Le Creuset Dutch Oven Pan
Within this picture, the following top 5 vendors from Sourdough and More are represented within this one, Dutch Oven Sourdough Bread Loaf recipe.

Le Creuset

Le Creuset Bread Pan is a recommended product from Le Creuset
One of my favorite vendors for all things baking and cooking, specifically Sourdough Baking is Le Creuset.

Le Creuset is one of the top 5 vendors I recommend for all things baking, especially Sourdough. Le Creuset has been around for over 100 years with its origin being in France. Furthermore, it has been a trusted brand that is a “Pioneer in color development, a leader in highly durable, chip-resistant, enameled cast iron bake-and-cookware.”

Pinch Bowls are Prep Bowl products from Le Creuset
Le Creuset makes a product called “Pinch Bowls” which are colorful prep bowls.

Le Creuset Product Recommendations

Although Le Creuset is known for its variety of bakeware and cookware, these are some of the top products I highly recommend when making Sourdough recipes

Rye Matcha Sourdough Bread in Dutch Oven
Rye Matcha Sourdough Bread is baked inside Le Creuset’s sturdy Dutch Oven product.

A Trusted Vendor

In conclusion, Le Creuset is a trusted brand that has been around for years. Furthermore, it is known for its high-quality, enameled products that hold in heat, help Sourdough products form that unforgettable crispy exterior, and are built to last. If you are looking for a solid piece of bakeware to add to your kitchen collection, check out Le Creuset!

King Arthur Baking Company

King Arthur Baking Company sells edible and non-edible products.
King Arthur Baking Company is my go-to for purchasing edible and non-edible products such as Organic flour, specialty flour, and bakeware for Sourdough recipes.

Another vendor I recommend is King Arthur Baking Company. When I first became aware of King Arthur Baking Company, it was through the flour products they sold in local grocery stores and via Amazon. However, the more versed I became in the baking and cooking world, I quickly discovered they sell a slue of products ranging from edible to non-edible.

Rye Flour is a product from King Arthur Baking Company that is recommended.
Rye Flour is one of the best specialty flour products that King Arthur Baking Company sells.

King Arthur Product Recommendations

One of the things I admire most about this company is that they sell products, create recipes from their products, and also host an area for baking guides for those who want to learn a specific skill. Furthermore, they sell specialty products that many local grocery stores do not carry. Some of the top products they sell include –

Mini Scone Pan is a recommended product from King Arthur Baking Company.
Christmas Morning Scones were made in one of the recommended products from King Arthur Baking Company, the Mini Scone Pan.

In conclusion, King Arthur Baking Company is one of the vendors I highly recommend for Sourdough products and more!


Bosch Universal Mixer is a highly recommended product from Bosch.

The Bosch Universal Mixer is THE mixer to have for all things Sourdough. Now, before I became obsessed, yes, obsessed, with Sourdough, I was a die-hard Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. Truth be told, that was the first big kitchen appliance that I was given when I started my baking and cooking journey, and I loved it. However, then I entered the Sourdough world and heard about Nutrimill and Bosch Mixers. Let me tell you, I was HOOKED!

Why Bosch?

One of the amazing things about Bosch products in general is their reliability, solid build, and reasonable price for the high-quality product that you will receive. Furthermore, these mixers were built to last, mix, handle large amounts of ingredients, and more.

Rye Matcha Sourdough Bread dough is crafted using the Bosch Universal Mixer product.
Rye Matcha Sourdough Bread dough was made in this vendor’s super product, the Bosch Universal Mixer.

In addition, the Bosch Universal Mixer has the ability to handle up to 14 cups of flour, whips up dough within seconds, and is easy to clean. Furthermore, when I have a big bake day in my kitchen, I am easily able to whip up 4-6 different doughs within 10 minutes (with cleaning in between). Finally, Bosch is one of the top vendors I would recommend for all things Sourdough.


Bulka sells a high quality Banneton Bowl product.
Bulka is a well-loved German brand that sells some of the best Banneton Bowl products.

Another top vendor that is recommended for Sourdough creation is Bulka. Bulka is known for selling some of the best Banneton Bowls, which are “Proofing baskets used to hold the shaped dough as it rises,” according to King Arthur Baking Company.

Bulka’s Banneton Bowls are “Made from 100% sustainable Spruce Pulp, and have been created throughout Europe for over a century.” When a product is made with sustainable material and has been around for 100 years, you know it is a tried-and-true, trusted product. Finally, these sturdy baskets help the dough maintain its shape, which specifically comes in handy when you’re working with wetter dough.

Product Recommendations

Some of the top product recommendations from this vendor include –

Trust in the Strength

Although Bulka does not have a wide variety of products, the products they DO make and sell are top-quality and well-respected in the Sourdough community. Finally, this vendor makes the list as one of the top 5 vendors for Sourdough products.

Saint Germain Bakery

Finally, the last company of the top 5 vendors for Sourdough products is Saint Germain Bakery. Similar to Bulka, Saint Germain Bakery is a company that originates in Germany. Furthermore, this company started as a baking business and grew into selling products to make the crafting of Sourdough easier.

Saint Germain Bakery Bread Lame - a product that is highly recommended from this vendor.
Saint Germain Bakery makes one of the BEST Bread Lames for Sourdough bread design.

Two of the products I personally use, trust, and adore from this vendor are the Bread Lame and Round Banneton Baskets. Bread Lames are used to score Sourdough Bread. In addition, these lames help to create unique designs on Sourdough loaves and air pockets that help the interior of the bread maintain its tenderness.

Rye Matcha Sourdough Bread is scored with one of Saint Germain Bakery recommended products, the Bread Lame.
Rye Matcha Sourdough Bread is scored from one of Saint Germain Bakery’s recommended products, the Bread Lame.

Furthermore, the Banneton Baskets from Saint Germain Bakery are similar to those from Bulka. As with Bulka’s Banneton Bowls, the bowls from Saint Germain Bakery also help maintain the shape of the dough, specifically stickier dough to help it evenly rise. Finally, these products are some of the best and I recommend them to all of my family, friends, and fellow bakers who are entering the world of Sourdough baking.

Banneton Bowls are a product that is highly recommended from Saint Germain Bakery - one of our top vendors.
Saint Germain Bakery’s Banneton Bowls are a top product from this highly recommended vendor.

Along with the two items described above, here are some of the other top-rated merchandise items from this top vendor

halves of fresh bread on table
Photo by Marta Dzedyshko on

A Trusted Vendor

In conclusion, Saint Germain Bakery is a trusted and highly recommended vendor for Sourdough products. If you’ve yet to check out their beautiful, well-constructed merchandise, give it a try!

Sourdough and More’s Top 5 Vendors for Sourdough Products

In conclusion, Le Creuset, King Arthur Baking Company, Bosch, Bulka, and Saint Germain Bakery are the top 5 vendors for Sourdough products from Sourdough and More. If you are a baker or chef and have other vendor recommendations, please drop a comment below!

A Collection of Sourdough Recipes


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