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Lamb Recipes

Have you just discovered Lamb and are unsure what to make with it? The following post includes a collection of Lamb Recipes.

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What is Lamb?

What is Lamb? Lamb is the meat of a young sheep and has a strong and rich flavor.

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According to Food for Better Health, “Lamb and Beef have similar calories, total fat, protein, vitamin, and mineral content.”Furthermore, in a 4 oz serving, Lamb has 258 calories, 8.8 grams of fat, a better quality of protein in comparison to Beef, and tender and easily digestible. For most Beef recipes, Lamb can be easily substituted, but it does have a more gamey-taste.

Where Can You Buy Lamb?

Lamb can be found in local grocery stores, specialty meat markets, or meat processing markets. Some of the best meat markets I’ve personally ordered and bought from include the following –

  • Wild Fork Foods in Wylie, TX. Wild Fork Foods is an in-person and online meat market that sells Ground Game Meats including Lamb.
  • Costco is a wholesale market that sells different cuts of Lamb.
  • Tom Thumb, Kroger, and HEB are a local grocery store and sells different cuts of Lamb. If you don’t happen to see any in the meat refrigerators, check with the butcher.

Lamb Recipes

In conclusion, Lamb is an excellent source of protein, vitamins, and minerals in a well-balanced diet. Check out the collection of Lamb Recipes below.