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Kid-Friendly Recipes

Kid-Friendly Recipes is a recipe collection that encourages kids to participate in baking and cooking! People learn through doing, and what is a better way to teach our children how to be creative in the kitchen other than involving them in the process?

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Therefore, this Kid-Friendly Recipes Collection was created to encourage you and your children to be creative, craft, build memories, and spend quality, intentional time together. Have fun!

Crushing Graham Crackers
Crushing Graham Crackers for a crust is an excellent way to involve kids in the kitchen when baking.

Why Involve Kids in Baking and Cooking?

Involving kids in baking and cooking is beneficial and fun for many reasons. We were all young once and learned by modeled behavior, through experiences, and trial and error. These life lessons started with our parents, caregivers, and family members at home.

As we grew older, these lessons occurred with our friends, spouses, family members, and more. Furthermore, baking and cooking encompass many of these “life lessons,” along with building memories, spending quality time together, and more! Get in the kitchen with your kids and have fun – continue to grow that love for learning.

Churro Donuts
Letting your child dip Churro Donuts into the cinnamon-sugar mixture is a great way to involve kids in the kitchen.

What Skills Do Baking and Cooking Build in Kids?

According to, “Baking and cooking can help young kids learn and practice basic math, science, literacy, and language skills.” Furthermore, involving kids in the process of cooking and baking helps children

  • Builds basic math skills
  • Experiment with science in a non-academic setting
  • Channel their creativity with crafting new recipes or decorating baked goods
  • Creates memories
  • Builds stronger bonds through intentional, quality time
  • Encourages an adventurous palate
  • Helps young kids explore their senses
  • Boosts confidence
  • Builds healthy habits
  • Sees where food comes from and how its made
  • Builds and practices literacy skills by reading or reciting recipes
  • Practices language skills by communicating steps in a process

The skills listed above are a few of the benefits of involving kids in the kitchen. Along with these skills, the overarching intentional and quality time top the charts (at least for me). When we bring children into our world, experience life through their eyes, and teach them a new skill, stronger bonds, and memories are built. At the end of the day, memories and quality relationships with others are “the thing” that stays with us.

Sourdough Dutch Oven Loaf is Risen
Teaching your child how to form Sourdough Dutch Oven Loaf dough in a ball prior to letting it rise is an excellent way to involve them in the baking process!

How Can I Involve My Child in Baking or Cooking?

Sometimes involving our children in baking and cooking can seem overwhelming – the messiness that can evolve, the gadgets and tools that could possibly harm them, the hot oven and stove, etc…HELP! However, here are a few safe ways to involve your child in the cooking and baking process.

Graham Cracker Crust Setting in Fridge
Teaching your child how to press the Graham Cracker Crust into silicone cupcake liners is an excellent way to involve them in the kitchen.

As they learn new skills, grow in confidence, and become older, I would encourage you to help them find other areas where they can find success in cooking and baking. Who knows…they could end up being your sous-chef one day!

Finally, get in the kitchen with your child or children, have fun, make memories, and spend quality, intentional time with them. One day the memories you made while baking and cooking with them will be experiences they pass on to others.

Kid-Friendly Recipe Collection


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