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Sur La Table

Sur La Table is one of the best bakeware, cookware, and cooking class stores! But, do you know the history behind this chef and baker’s dream? Do you know how it came to be, who the founder(s) were, and other interesting information? If you answered no, check out this web story!

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In conclusion, this web story consists of a brief history of the store and the evolution of consumer products and cooking classes.

When Was Sur La Table Founded?

Sur La Table was founded in 1972, but a woman named Shirley Collins. Ms. Collins opened the first storefront in Pike Market in Seattle, Washington.

Photo credit to Pike Market Place in Seattle, WA.

After Ms. Collins opened this storefront, it took about two years before the first BIG name-brand was available for purchase from this beloved store. Furthermore, Cuisinart became the first big, name-brand stocked at Sur La Table, and the state-of-the-art food processor was one of the original products.

Photo credit to Sur La Table

Sur La Table Web Story

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