Sourdough and More

A Beginner's Guide to Sourdough Tortillas

So I hear you want to learn how to make Sourdough Tortillas! Crafting anything with Sourdough is well worth the wait, and these tortillas will change Taco Tuesday forever. Let's get started!

5 Fast Rules For Making Tortillas






Make sure your Sourdough Starter is fed and active prior to starting

Use a Bosch or Kitchenaid Stand Mixer to make the dough making process easier

Allow your dough to rest and rise for at least 2 hours

Roll your dough out as thin as possible prior to cooking the tortillas. Or, you can use a tortilla press.

Use a Cast Iron Skillet to cook your tortillas for the perfect exterior texture.

Make sure your Sourdough Starter is fed and active 


To ensure tender and light tortillas, you'll want to make sure your starter is active and bubbly. If it's not, feed it prior to starting the recipe, let the starter ferment for 30+ minutes, and then begin the tortilla dough process.


Use a Bosch Mixer (or Kitchenaid Stand Mixer) to make the dough process easier. Using a dough hook while mixing will take away the need to knead by hand, too.

Allow the Dough to Rest


Allow the Sourdough Tortilla dough to rest for 2+ hours (the longer the better). This helps reduce the gluten within the dough and develop that tender tortilla texture.

Roll the Dough as Thin as Possible


Using a rolling pin, roll the tortilla dough balls out as thin as possible (or use a tortilla press).

Use a Cast Iron Skillet


Use a Cast Iron Skillet to cook the Sourdough Tortillas. Cooking in a Cast Iron Skillet will create a perfect exterior crust on the tortillas.