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The Best Juneteenth Recipes

The Best Juneteenth Recipes Web Story is a collection of recipes used to bring people together through fellowship. Furthermore, Juneteenth is a day celebrated on June 19th every year. Finally, this holiday commemorates the Emancipation Proclamation or the day enslaved people were freed.

What is Juneteenth?

Juneteenth is also called “Freedom Day.”

According to PBS, “The holiday’s origin story begins in Galveston, Texas, when enslaved people were told of their emancipation on June 19, 1865. However, they were not aware that they had been “freed” two years prior by President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation on January 1, 1863.

Unfortunately, slaveholders in Texas kept the information to themselves, extending the period of exploitation of slaved people. Therefore, on June 19, 1866, the first Juneteenth observance to recognize freedom from slavery in the U.S. was held and celebrated in Texas. Finally, in 2021, Juneteenth became a federal holiday after Congress passed the Juneteenth National Independence Day Act.”

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How to Use This Web Story

As with many holidays, Juneteenth is all about fellowship, music, and good food! Furthermore, making Southern classics, sharing them amongst friends and family, and educating them about history help others learn, and grow in awareness, acceptance, and empathy. In addition, food also encourages others to enjoy their time together in order to create memories that last a lifetime.

Bang Bang Shrimp Po Boys is not only a Mardi Gras favorite but also can be used to celebrate Juneteenth.

Furthermore, the colors represented through this food represent symbolic colors of the African culture. In addition, The Best Juneteenth Recipes Web Story was designed to include 10 of the best recipes to make and celebrate June 19th.

Sorrel Cheesecake Bars
Sorrel Cheesecake Bars are made using Sorrel Jam which is made from Hibiscus leaves. Hibiscus is a staple food in Jamaican cuisine.

Finally, many of these recipes are from talented, African American and Jamaican chefs. In conclusion, their personal blog posts and recipes give background on what this special day means to them, and how you can continue to honor Juneteenth for years to come.

Vegan Hush Puppies
Another recipe to celebrate Juneteenth is Vegan Hush Puppies! Hush Puppies were made by slaves when they were escaping to “hush” the hounds or dogs. Thus, came the name, “Hush Puppies.”

What Recipes Are Included?

The Best Juneteenth Recipes Web Story includes the following top 10 recipes:

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