Sur La Table

What is Sur La Table?

Sur La Table is one of the best bakeware, cookware, and cooking class stores!  In 1972, Shirley Collins who is the founder of Sur La Table, opened the first store front in Pike Market Place in Seattle, WA.   Since the opening of the first store, Sur La Table has grown throughout the United States and sells products and cooking classes for a variety of ages.

The First Sur La Table Storefront 

The first Sur La Table store opened in Pike Market in Seattle, Washington, by Shirley Collins, the founder.

Cuisinart Products

Sur La Table was the first retailer to carry Cuisinart products, such as a state-of-the-art food processor.

Cooking Classes

Sur La Table started offering cooking classes in 1996, to help people "explore global cooking," according to Renee Behnke, the Culinary Program Founder. Adult and kid-friendly classes are still offered, today!

Sur La Table is Online! 

In 1999, Sur La Table goes online! By going online, purchasing products and scheduling cooking classes became easier for consumers.


Today, Sur La Table offers virtual and in-person cooking classes. It also has a wide range of private-label collections, such as Vitamix. If you're in the market for any of these products, shop at Sur La Table!

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