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Lenten Recipes

Are you looking for Lenten Recipes to make during the Fridays leading up to Easter Sunday? Check out this collection of seafood-inspired recipes to enjoy each Friday during the season of Lent as well as throughout the year. Finally, these recipes are compiled from top recipes throughout the World Wide Web, cited, and linked to the original creators.

What is Lent?

According to Brittanica, “Lent, in the Christian church, is a period of penitential preparation for Easter. In Western churches, it begins on Ash Wednesday, six and a half weeks before Easter, and provides a 40-day period for fasting and abstinence (Sundays are excluded), in imitation of Jesus Christ’s fasting in the wilderness before he began his public ministry.”

Seafood Fridays

During Lent, there is a tradition of abstaining from meat on Fridays and practicing self-discipline and fasting throughout the season. Typically, in many small towns, you may see “Fish Fry Fridays” during Lent which meats the no-meat tradition.

shrimp salad on plate
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Inspired by this tradition, this collection of Lenten Recipes is geared around seafood. Therefore, I’d encourage you to try out each of these recipes throughout the season and/or throughout the year. These are overall healthy and allergy-friendly meals. Enjoy!

A Collection of Lenten Recipes

Crispy Rice with Spicy Salmon

Crispy Rice with Spicy Salmon is the ultimate Lenten Recipe. Similar to a Spicy Salmon Roll, it has seasoned sushi rice that is crisped all over and topped with spicy salmon. With creamy avocado, nutty sesame seeds, a touch of heat from fresh jalapeno slices, and a bit of sweetness from sweet chili sauce, this Crispy Rice with Spicy Salmon is a dish that will be on repeat in your house during the Fridays of Lent and throughout the year.

Pan-Fried Scallops with White Wine Reduction

Pan-Fried Scallops with White Wine Reduction is the perfect Lenten Seafood Recipe. Furthermore, these scallops are seared in a hot pan to create a crispy crust and tender interior on these scallops. Finally, orange juice, Oregano, and butter make a rich, bright, and vibrant sauce that invites everyone to dig in!

Healthy Cod Tacos

Healthy Cod Fish Tacos are another Lenten recipe for any Friday. Skinny Taste’s Healthy Cod Fish taco recipe, is seasoned with a chili-lime cumin rub topped with slaw and creamy lime sauce. Finally, this meal can be a Friday specialty or an easy rotation into Taco Tuesday for your family.

Easy Crab Cakes Recipe (No Eggs)

Eggless Crab Cakes are the perfect meal. Jumbo Lump Crab Meat, lemon, Parsley, and Old Bay Seasoning are the stars of the show and bound without eggs. This dish can be served as a main course and paired with a salad or served as an appetizer. Furthermore, this recipe is allergen-friendly for those who have egg allergies as the binding for the crab cakes is Vegan Mayo and Mustard. Enjoy this delicious, allergen-friendly, and crab-loving meal.

Spicy Garlic Lemon Butter Shrimp with Parmesan Corn Polenta

Spicy Garlic Lemon Butter Shrimp with Parmesan Corn Polenta is a delicious bowl of comfort food. Furthermore, this simple corn and parmesan polenta is creamy and buttery. In addition, the shrimp are cooked in butter, spices, and garlic, and then finished with lemon. Finally, this meatless dish is full of flavor and delicious!

Korean-Inspired Salmon Tacos

Korean-Inspired Salmon Tacos with Spicy Gochujang Slaw is a delicious way to switch up your fish taco game! Furthermore, this Korean-spiced Salmon can be filled inside warm, corn tortillas, or placed on top of steamed rice and served as a taco bowl. Finally, this meal is perfect for any Taco Tuesday night and makes a delicious Friday meal during the Lenten Season.

Spicy Southern Style Shrimp with Lemon Basil Orzo

Spicy Southern Style Shrimp with Lemon Basil Orzo consists of golden-seared shrimp in a creamy, spicy sauce that’s delicious. Furthermore, the shrimp is made in one skillet with herbs, peppers, and lemon, which brightens up the flavor. In addition, it’s simple and takes under 30 minutes to create. Finally, serve this shrimp skillet over a simple lemony basil orzo for well rounded dinner.

Healthy Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles

Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles (Zoodles) is a healthy recipe and lightened-up vegetable-twist on the classic, Shrimp Scampi. Garlic, Parmesan, Parsley, Shrimp, and Zucchini come together in a matter of minutes to make a simple, delicious, and Lenten-friendly main course.

Crispy Honey Ginger Salmon Bowls

Crispy Honey Ginger Salmon Bowl is full of flavor and simple to prepare. Furthermore, the salmon is cooked until caramelized around the edges then added to bowls of coconut rice. In addition, it’s served with fresh bright mango salsa with candied jalapeños for a balance of spicy, sweet, and savory flavor. Finally, this is a delicious meal and easy to prepare for any night of the week.

Cajun Garlic Butter Shrimp with Creamy Pesto Pasta

Cajun Garlic Butter Shrimp with Creamy Pesto Pasta is the best any night of the week pasta dish. Furthermore, this creamy pesto sauce wrapped in spicy garlic shrimp and fresh greens makes for a delicious and healthy meal. Every twirl of pasta has delicious and comforting fresh flavors that melt in your mouth. Finally, this cozy meal is perfect to make during the season of Lent and year round.

Tzatziki Fish Tacos

Tzatziki Fish Tacos have a Greek twist on the classic fish taco! Crisp, breaded fish fillets are served on tortillas topped with homemade tzatziki sauce made with Greek yogurt, cucumbers, and fresh herbs. Finally, this meal is delicious for any Taco Tuesday, Lenten Friday, or any night of the week.

Cioppino (Seafood Stew)

Cioppino (pronounced chuh-pee-no) is a famous seafood stew created by Italian-American immigrants. Furthermore, this homey seafood stew recipe with halibut, shrimp, and mussels, and makes for the perfect comfort meal on any night of the week. Finally, serve this Cioppino with crusty Sourdough Italian Bread to absorb the deep flavors of the stew broth.

Warm and Buttery Lobster Rolls

Warm and Buttery Lobster Rolls will remind you of East Coast Lobster. In addition, these rolls are rich, decadent, and perfect for Ash Wednesday or Lenten Fridays. Serve these Lobster Rolls on Sourdough French Bread for a delicious meal.

Lemon Garlic Fish Sticks with Jalapeno Tartar Sauce

Crispy Homemade Fish Sticks are easy to make and flavored with lemon and garlic! In addition, these fish sticks are super crunchy and delicious when dipped in the jalapeño tartar sauce. Whether you observe Ash Wednesday, Lenten Fridays, or are simply in store for a creative fish dish, this recipe is your answer.

Fish or Shrimp Ceviche

Fish or Shrimp Ceviche (Ceviche de Camarón) is the perfect appetizer or main course to serve throughout the Lenten season. Furthermore, it’s bursting with flavor and perfectly refreshing. Finally, serve the ceviche as a chip dip or as a main entree over Sourdough Starter Tortilla Tostadas.

Lime Loaded Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas

lime shrimp fajitas

Lime Loaded Sheet Pan Shrimp Fajitas are the best seafood Friday meal! Everything for this meal can be made on a sheet pan and served inside warm Sourdough Starter Tortillas. Finally, this meal comes together in under 30 minutes, which makes this a delicious and easy recipe for any busy day.

Baked Salmon with Honey Sriracha Sauce

Baked Salmon with Honey Sriracha Sauce is sweet, spicy and smoky and is the perfect kick of flavor for any Lenten meal. Furthermore, you won’t be able to stop eating this Honey Sriracha Oven Baked Salmon. Finally, you will only need 10 ingredients and 25 minutes to make it! Bon-a-petite!

Shrimp Burgers

Are you craving a juicy burger during Lenten Fridays? Try these Juicy Shrimp Burgers! Flavor-packed seafood patties layered with bright Coconut Peach Salsa, Chipotle Cream, and encased between Whole Wheat Buns, make this a delicious and well-rounded dinner.

Crispy Parmesan Air Fryer Cod

Crispy Parmesan Air Fryer Cod is the perfect dinner choice for any night of the week, but especially Lenten Fridays. Air Fried Cod gives you delicate, delightful fish that looks and tastes better than any restaurant. The panko breading is perfectly seasoned and the cheese adds a touch of saltiness and nuttiness. Finally, Air Fried Parmesan Cod has a light mild flavor, and it is good for you.

Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp

Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp is crispy, succulent, and the perfect appetizer, party favorite, or main course. In addition, this shrimp is served with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce that pulls together all the tropical flavors of Coconut Shrimp. Finally, serve these Air Fryer Coconut Shrimp with grilled vegetables or a salad for a well-rounded dinner.

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