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Oktoberfest is a festival held in Munich, Germany, in late September and early October! During this festival, Germans enjoy Bavarian-style beer, authentic German cuisine, Polka music, and more! Therefore, the Oktoberfest celebration inspired this web story.

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In addition, these recipes pair well with beer, large groups of people, music, and two weeks filled with fun. Finally, I hope you all enjoy these recipes, the traditions of Oktoberfest, and celebrating with friends and family!

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The “Brief” History Behind Oktoberfest

According to Britannica, Oktoberfest is an Autumn, annual festival. Furthermore, it is held over a two-week period between late September and the first Sunday in October.

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In addition, this festival originated in 1812, to “Celebrate the marriage of the crown prince of Bavaria, who later became King Louis I.” Then, the following year, the “Celebration was combined with a state agricultural fair.” However, in 1818, booths serving food and drink were introduced. Today, Oktoberfest is celebrated throughout the world with beer, floats, costumes, authentic German cuisine, Polka music, dancing, and more!

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