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Top 10 Dough Recipes

What dough is your favorite to make and bake? Do you love to craft and bake Rye Matcha bread, Sourdough Monkey Bread, Resurrection Rolls, Empanada Dough, or more?

Monkey Bread Post second rise
Sourdough Monkey Bread dough balls are almost done with their second rise.

Doughs of all kinds inspired this web story! Furthermore, the Dough Web Story consists of the top 10 dough recipes to make, bake, and enjoy with the ones you love the most.

What is Dough?

When you think about dough, what do you think of? Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes it as a “mixture of flour and a liquid (such as water or milk) that is stiff enough to knead or roll.” Therefore, most baking, specifically baking Sourdough, bread, rolls, etc., starts from the dough.

Italian Loaf Dough After First Rise
Sourdough Italian Loaf is ready to form after its bulk rise.

What Recipes Are Included?

Resurrection Rolls
Homemade Resurrection Rolls are featured in this web story.

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