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Lemonade is crisp, tart, and refreshing. Furthermore, it is a delicious drink to keep you hydrated during the heat of the Summer and is easy to make.

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Finally, this Lemonade Web Story includes the top 5 recipes that are healthy, low in sugar, and will keep you feeling happy, hydrated, and refreshed all Summer long.

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I Love Vegan is a featured recipe in this web story.

How Do You Make Lemonade?

Typically, this beverage is crafted with three simple ingredients –

  • Lemons
  • Sugar
  • Water

Furthermore, a large amount of lemons are squeezed or juiced, and then sugar is added in. Then, water is added to the lemon-sugar mixture until the desired taste. Finally, the mixture is poured over the top of the ice cubes and served immediately to enjoy!

The Busy Baker is represented in this web story.

The Top 5 Lemonade Recipe Authors Included

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