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Best Summer Mocktails

Are you looking for the Best Summer Mocktails? This collection of the Best Summer Mocktails will keep you feeling refreshed, hydrated, and ready to have fun day after day. Furthermore, these mocktails are made using fresh ingredients that won’t make you miss having alcohol. Finally, I hope these are recipes you enjoy and share amongst gatherings, celebrations, and fun evenings outside. Enjoy!

A Collection of the Best Summer Mocktails

Orange Moscow Mule Mocktail

This Orange Moscow Mule Mocktail is delicious, sweet, tart, and refreshing! Furthermore, it is the perfect mocktail for anyone.

Zero-Proof Jalapeno Poloma

This Zero-Proof Jalapeño Paloma is the perfect grapefruit mocktail if you’re cutting back on alcohol or doing a dry challenge but want to have an adult beverage.

Refreshing Orange Mint Mocktail

Sweet oranges, tangy lemons, refreshing mint, and all the fizziness – the ideal mocktail! Furthermore, this is a great welcome drink for your parties or a cooler during your summers and is equally loved by adults and kids.

Cucumber Tom Collins Mocktail

Make this healthy Tom Collins mocktail in just 5 minutes with 3 ingredients. This is the most refreshing mocktail you’ll ever have and is just as delicious as the original. Cucumber, Lemon, and water are all you need!

Virgin Mango Margarita Mocktail with Meyer Lemon

This Virgin Mango Margarita Mocktail recipe with Meyer lemon is bursting with sweet and tangy fruit flavor. Furthermore, it’s the perfect family-friendly non-alcoholic drink for Cinco de Mayo or any summer party!

Non-Alcoholic Blood Orange Spritzers

Refreshing non-alcoholic Blood Orange Spritzers are an ideal sip for a dry reset. In addition, fresh-squeezed blood orange juice and rosemary simple syrup, make Blood Orange Spritzer Mocktails – a sunny beverage for any day.

Fizzy Peach Bellini Mocktail

Peaches are stone fruits that are perfect for Summertime. In addition, this Peach Bellini Mocktail will keep you feeling refreshed, hydrated, and ready to enjoy any warm, sunny day.

Non-Alcoholic Aperol Spritz

This Non-Alcoholic Aperol Spritz is a delicious and healthy take on the classic Italian orange drink. Furthermore, the fresh herbs and combination of juices hit both bitter and sweet notes an Aperol spritz is known for!

Grapefruit Kombucha Agua Fresca

Grapefruit Kombucha Agua Fresca is the ultimate summertime mocktail. The fermented tea is paired with fresh grapefruit juice, garnished, and served over ice cubes. Finally, this is a drink that will keep you hydrated and feeling excited every day during the summer.

Hurricane Mocktail

In New Orleans, the Hurricane is known for being sneakily strong. Summer has never tasted so tasty with this Hurricane Mocktail.

Glowing Green Margarita Mocktail

This glowing Green Margarita Mocktail needs to be on your Cinco de Mayo menu and enjoyed all summer long. Furthermore, this mocktail is made with hydrating and collagen-producing green juice ingredients, so you won’t miss the tequila.

Blackberry Mocktail Mule

This Healthy Kombucha Mocktail is made with ginger and blackberry flavors. It’s a play on a Moscow Mule with no alcohol. Furthermore, it is a perfect drink for my summer evening.

Melon, Grapefruit, and Cucumber Spritz

This AIP mocktail with a fresh herb sprig was inspired by a love of a good early summer beverage! There’s something about hot summer days that gets me in the mood for anything besides plain H20. Alcohol-free beverages are fantastic for parties and gatherings.

Raspberry Bellini Mocktail

Finally! A refreshing and cheerful Raspberry Mocktail that everyone can enjoy. Furthermore, its simple and sophisticated twist on a Bellini with fresh raspberries and lemon-lime soda will make anyone eager to indulge in this summery mocktail.

Non-Alcoholic Buck

The Non-Alcoholic Buck is bright, beautiful, and the perfect mocktail for Spring, Summer, or early Fall. Carrot-ginger syrup, ginger juice, sweetness, and a hint of spiciness, are a sure way to satisfy your quenched thirst.

Honey Blackberry Mint Mocktails

Honey Blackberry Mint Mocktail is refreshing, sweet, delicious, and much healthier than a traditional cocktail. Best of all, it contains absolutely no refined sugar! Make this mocktail for your next outdoor gathering and watch the enjoyment it brings to all.

Honeydew Lime Mocktail with Mint

Honeydew Lime Mocktail is easy to make at a moment’s notice. Furthermore, you’ll only need a few simple ingredients. Finally, this non-alcoholic honeydew melon cooler is the perfect beverage on sunny summer days.

Watermelon Lime Mocktails

Meet the 2-ingredient, easy-breezy, ultra-refreshing Watermelon Mocktail that will become THE summer beverage for all! 

Frozen Pineapple and Mango Mocktail

When summertime hits, we’re all about those tropical cocktails! They are perfect to sip outside in the sunshine for a little escape to Hawaii. But, we always like to include some fun Hawaiian mocktails, too. Finally, these are summer drinks the whole family can enjoy together.

Quick Kiwi Mocktail

This Kiwi Mocktail is a perfect alcohol-free drink. Furthermore, this is an excellent beverage to make as a treat or to serve to guests who are not drinking alcohol. Finally, the balance of sweet, salty, and bright green colors makes this an appealing beverage for summertime!

AIP Margarita Mocktail

Summertime is around the corner and what better way to enjoy a Friday evening than this AIP-Margarita! If you are focused on healing your body, reducing your alcohol consumption, or looking to make and enjoy a new evening drink, check out this delicious, tart, and “healthy” mocktail.

Watermelon Mint Mocktail

Nothing says summer like this refreshing Watermelon Mint Mocktail! Furthermore, it’s light, crisp, and made with only a few ingredients. Finally, this is a perfect mocktail for the whole family!

Blackberry Paloma Mocktail

This non-alcoholic blackberry, grapefruit, and smoked chili beverage is the perfect pick-me-up mocktail for any summer day!

Easy Passionfruit Sparkler

Beauty and taste blend together in this delicious Passionfruit Mocktail. Furthermore, it is easy, fast to make, and perfect for hot summer days. Finally, this healthy, mocktail will even please the children in your life. Drink up and enjoy!

Sparkling Blood Orange Mocktail

The Sparkling Blood Orange Mocktail is made with Blood Orange juice, honey, vanilla, and sparkling water. Furthermore, it is a refreshing spritzer for any day, especially during the summer.


Introducing the fresh, delicious, and healthful Mocktail that everyone can enjoy. Mojitos, Mint, and Lime are the perfect combination and the epitome of a refreshing cocktail. However, when trying to craft a mocktail, the flavors needed to be a bit mixed up. Furthermore, this was where the Matcha-jito comes in. Finally, the Matcha adds an additional layer of flavor and healthfulness to this traditional cocktail and is the perfect warm-day drink.

The Best Mangonadas

Mangonada is a vibrant and delicious drink made with juicy mangoes, Chamoy, and chile-lime seasoning. Furthermore, it’s the perfect balance between sweet, sour, spicy, salty, and umami. Finally, if you’re looking for a bright, beautiful, and delicious summer mocktail, this is it!

Fresh Cucumber Jalapeno Lemonade Mocktail

This Fresh Cucumber Jalapeno Lemonade is the refreshing summer drink that you never knew you needed! Furthermore, it is sweet, tart, subtly spicy, and has the cool addition of cucumber to quench your thirst. Finally, you can drink it as lemonade, a bubbly mocktail, or a special cocktail – enjoy!

Non-Alcoholic Moscow Mule

This Non Alcoholic Moscow Mule is the perfect spicy and refreshing mocktail, perfect for a hot summer night or a winter holiday party!

Guava, Coconut, and Lime Sparkler

Nonalcoholic drinks are in, and this beautiful, bright, tart, and slightly sweet summer mocktail won’t make you miss the alcohol.