Choco Taco

Easy Choco Tacos

Choco Tacos are made with a taco shaped waffle cone filled with vanilla ice cream swirled with chocolate fudge, dipped in chocolate, and finished with chopped peanuts.What's a better treat than this?

Copycat Choco Tacos

If you’re a fan of Klondike’s Choco Tacos, you’ll love this Copycat Choco Taco Recipe. Making your own Choco Taco’s at home is very simple, and with just a few ingredients you can be in Choco Taco Heaven.

Vegan Choco Tacos

Vegan Chaco Tacos are nostalgic, delicious, and allergy friendly! With just a few ingredients, you'll be rounding out your Taco Tuesday in a delicious way!

Kid-Friendly Choco Tacos

Kid-Friendly Choco Tacos are easy to recreate using frozen waffles, ice cream, chocolate sauce, and peanuts. When you want to pay tribute to the discontinued frozen treat, simply prepare your own homemade version in 10 fast minutes!

Gluten-Free Choco Tacos

Hungry for a bit of childhood nostalgia? Gluten-Free Choco Tacos are sure to hit the spot!

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