Campfire-Themed Desserts

Campfire Cupcakes

Campfire Cupcakes combine a chocolate cupcake with a fiery frosting and a marshmallow roasting on a pretzel stick! These are perfect for a campfire-themed party or while sitting around an actual campfire.

Campfire Banana Splits

Your backyard "camping" just got sweeter with these Campfire Banana Splits. This recipe is everything you love about a Banana Split, all wrapped up in foil, and grilled to perfection over a campfire.

Soft and Gooey Loaded S'Mores Bars

No campfire is required for these soft, gooey, rich s’mores bars that are loaded with texture and flavor! Chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows are all suspended in a buttery, brown-sugar based dough that will take you to any campfire setting, even without the actual campfire.

Grilled Fruit Kabobs

Grilled Fruit Kabobs are a fun, unique way to enjoy fresh fruit! Roast them over an open campfire, and serve it with delicious Key Lime Yogurt Dip! This is a sweet, healthy, and fun dessert for the whole family!

Campfire Apple Pie Packets

Campfire Apple Pie Packets are an easy and delicious dessert to make while sharing memories around a campfire. Warm-spiced apples, pops of Pomegranate, and pecans...what more could you want in a Fall dessert?


Nothing says campfire dessert like the classic S'more! Crispy graham crackers hug ooey, gooey chocolate and sticky marshmallows...what more could you want with a campfire-themed dessert?

Apple Crisp Foil Packets

Do you love Apple Pie? If you jumped with joy over that question, you will LOVE these Apple Crisp Foil Packets! Think "Apple Crisp" roasted over an open campfire...mmm! Finally, serve these a la mode or with whipped cream for the ultimate bite!

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