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Parade Snacks

The 4th of July for us looks like a little mountain town in Colorado. Our 4th of July morning always starts off with a festive parade followed by a day packed with fun activities. Parade Snacks are a must for us!

Does your 4th of July include an exciting, engaging, and patriotic parade to kick off a fun-filled day? If you answered, yes, parade snacks are a must! Furthermore, Parade Snacks Web Story includes 10 of the best snacks that parents and children can enjoy.

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In addition, these parade snacks include healthy Sourdough Granola, 4th of July Snack Mix, Turkey Pinwheels, and more! Finally, keep the whole family happy, excited, and engaged in all the fun festivities that patriotic holidays bring!

Sunbutter Cookies
Sunbutter Cookies are the perfect parade snack because they’re sweet, nutty, and packed with protein from Sunbutter.

What Recipes Are Included?

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